7 Things You Must Completely Cut From Your Diet To Look Smashing While On Vacation

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A vacation is all about having a good time, relaxing and taking pictures and who doesn’t want to look good in the pictures? So if you are planning to lose weight for your upcoming vacation, exercising alone might not help. It’s extremely important to shun the unhealthy foods from your diet as well. This will not only make you feel fitter but also look better. In fact, eliminating certain foods for as much as 2-3 weeks can also work great in losing the extra flab

1. Foods from restaurants

You might just love going to restaurants and indulging in scrumptious food but restaurant meals have lots of oil, salt, cream and other fattening agents which will just add up to your calorie intake.

2. Alcohol

Many alcoholic drinks are high in sugar and calories. Although you might want to enjoy few drinks during the trip so cutting alcohol for 3-4 weeks before your vacation can surely help.

3. Sodas

With absolutely no nutritional value, soda drinks are extremely high in sugars and which is why they should be eliminated from your diet. And we also mean diet soda, which is high in artificial sweeteners that make you crave for more.

4. Refined Carbs

Refined Carbs are devoid of fiber and nutrients and adds up to just empty calories. Avoid eating white rice, cereals, white bread and even pasta. All these refined carbs raise blood sugar levels which needs more insulin (a fat storage hormone) to bring the sugar levels down and with more insulin carbs get converted to fats.

5. Juices

Packaged juices are a big no because they are packed with sugars, preservatives, artificial sweeteners and in the name of fruit juice they have just 2-5% of juice extract. In fact, going for fresh fruit juice is not a healthy option either because juice extraction leaves you nothing but sugars. Since fiber is absolutely important to slow down sugar absorption it is important to eat your fruits and not drink them.

6. Fried food

Even though we all know that fried foods are extremely unhealthy for our body but still we can’t stop indulging in them. Fries, onion rings, chicken fingers etc. are something that we find really hard to resist but they definitely need to go off your diet if you are planning to look a million bucks in your vacation pictures.

7. Salad dressings

We tend to put all sorts of dressings when it comes to eating salads. But salads dressings are loaded with salts and calories which turns your salad into fat bombs. Infact opting for fat free dressings is again not a very good idea. Companies might put the label to your dressings as fat free but these dressings prevents the body’s ability to absorb antioxidants from vegetables which nullifies the whole idea of eating salads.

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