8 Exotic Places To Visit In The North East

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The North-East India is where nature is at its best! The gargantuan and mighty Himalayan mountains, the flowery meadows, the blissful lakes, the adventure sports, hiking valleys and spelunking caves provides a holistic tourism and closer to life and nature experience of a higher dimension. When it is visited with closed ones, the thrill and the joy shared is inexplicable! So, if you are planning to visit North-East, make sure you cover the following ten stunning spots.

1. Kaziranga National Park, Assam

Many do not know, but India hosts one-horned Rhinos as well, and one can see them at the Kaziranga National Park in the Golaghat and Nagaon districts of Assam. It is declared as a Heritage Site by UNESCO and is home of more than hundreds of migratory birds and 35 different kinds of mammals including elephants, wild water buffaloes, swamp deers, sloth bear and tigers. It is a wonderful experience to see the flora and fauna preserved in a natural habitat in one of the most beautiful National Parks of India.

2. Unakoti, Tripura

Unakoti boasts of thousands of ancient carvings of Lord Shiva on huge rocks dating back in 7-9th century. Located in Tripura, Unakoti has become a prime tourist spot that attracts many to witness the marvelous rock sculptures around scenic mountains and waterfalls.

3. Sela Pass, Arunachal Pradesh

Sela Pass rests at an altitude of approx. 14,000ft, so if one wants to be amidst the tranquility of the clouds, then Sela Pass is the place to be! It is situated in the Tawang District of Arunachal Pradesh. At Sela Pass, one can witness the mesmerizing beauty of the Himalayan range by trekking as well as see the Sela Lake, which is pure enchanting bliss. The Sela Pass and Sela Lake is guarded by the Indian Army and one can notice how they do their duty in harsh climatic conditions.

4. Siang River Rafting, Arunachal Pradesh

Siang River rafting gives the adventure junkies the thrill of a lifetime as one is challenged to steer the boat through the wild waters of the tributary of the Brahmaputra River. This is a must for adventure sport lovers and one can take friends along to amplify the adrenaline!

5. Tsomgo Lake, Sikkim

The calm lake of Tsomgo overlooked by the Himalayan Ranges is one of the most blissful sights to behold. It is situated 38km from Gangtok, Sikkim. The nearby areas are home to red pandas, brahminy duck and various species of birds. Sikkim is a popular summer tourist spot and one can even notice the snow-white mountains during May.

6. Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya

The cave exploration of Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya will bring the Indiana Jones out of you as one rows through the tunnels filled with limestone deposits. Long caves, narrow ones, mystical silent surroundings make spelunking a really exotic experience.

7. Yumthang Valley of Sikkim

Ever wished to lay down on the flowery meadows in peace in the lap of the mountains, away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan noise? If yes, then Yumthang Valley of Sikkim is the place that you seek. One can reach the magical place after a hike and then cherish nature at its best with its clean air, fragrant dancing flowers and the adorable yaks!

8. Tawang Monastery, Arunachal Pradesh

Tawang Monastery is the largest monastery of India and second largest in the world, having about 450 monks, which undeniably makes a main attraction in the north-east! At a height of 10,000 ft, the monastery provides an eye-popping visual treat of the Tawang River valley. The monastery has 850 sculptures for one to be awe-inspired and as the night falls, the heaven opens up with the celestial stars glittering in the skies.

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