International trips under 70K for all budget travelers

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Traveling under a tight budget means you may have to compromise either on food or accommodation or leisure, right? Wrong. There are many destinations in the world which are budget friendly and give the same world class experience at a pocket friendly cost. We have come up with a list of international travel trips which are under 70k budget. So, get ready to pack your bags.


Widely renowned for its mesmerizing beauty, Indonesia boasts its rich history, culture and heritage. It is one of the most popular destinations for natural tourism, volcano camp sceneries, cultural sights, leisure tour packages and many more things.

A week of vacation here would cost you anywhere between 40-60K INR which is quite reasonable because there is a lot on the platter to explore in this exotic island country.

Sultanate of Oman

An unconventional destination in the middle-east, Oman is situated elegantly adjacent to the Persian Gulf. This princely Sultanate is amidst the best cultural tourism destination in the world and you can plan a budget friendly trip from India to this majestic country.

The country showcases a vivid range of weather conditions which are mostly pleasant, and the capital city of Muscat was once recognized as the second best city to travel in the world. There are plenty of water sports to engage in along its coastline whereas the culture buffs can rejoice to find themselves amidst intricately carved Islamic monuments and mosques. A two week trip would cost you not more than 50k INR which makes a worthy candidate for bucket list.


Situated in the Indian Ocean, this African island country is basically a group of more than 100 islands; Seychelles is an exotic destination known for its natural beach sceneries, stunning blue waters and loads of water sports and other activities.

Some of the places to visit in Seychelles are Mahe Island, anse kerlan, la passé, anse Louis. These locations offer plethora of picturesque beach resorts and ton of fun activities. Generally preferred by couples for a romantic getaway, seven days of exploring Seychelles can be covered with an expense of approximately 61K INR/ person.


The capital city of Turkey, Istanbul is among the favorite destinations for food and culture lovers. Turkey is amongst the most famous tourist hot spots and you can do range of activities to pleasure yourself.

From eating delicious Doner kebabs on the Istanbul streets to going for beach vacations, cultural and religious tours, turkey has something for everybody. Popular historical locations to visit beside Istanbul are troy, Pamukkale and Ephesus. A week of vacation in turkey is not more than 40k INR.


A middle-eastern country which represents unity in diversity, Lebanon is widely known for its intricate architecture, scenic landscape (urban and rural) and plethora of World Heritage Sites.

One of the best budget friendly foreign trips from India, Lebanon is the perfect combination of urban development wrapped around by rich and literally ancient history.

Apart from local sightseeing, you can go for cruises and historical tours. A typical 7 day vacation would cost you around 50k/person, and this is the maximum limit. Thus, it’s a good bargain we must say.


Kenya is one of the best countries to visit in Africa. A gem of a destination for nature and wildlife lovers, Kenya displays all the vibrant colors of nature in the most mesmerizing form. It is the habitat for some of the rarest and the most exotic wildlife species in the world.

Kenya is also known for its indigenous tribal people who have very surprising customs and cultural values. The country is full of national parks and reserves. A must visit place is the Mount. Kenya. This African wild life safari will cost you less than 50k for 2 week trip. This makes an experience of a lifetime to grab.

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