7 Reasons you must plan a romantic vacation to Seychelles

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The Republic of Seychelles is situated off the coast of East Africa in the Indian Ocean. There is a lot to do here and it is also serves as the main hub for transport to some of the Seychelles most picturesque locations. Here are top 7 things you can experience as a couple to make it your ultimate romantic getaway.

Visit to Curieuse Island

This island is a peaceful and quite spot and you can even make friends with giant tortoises. It’s one of the only places in Seychelles were they roam freely and there is plenty of leaves around to feed them as well. If you really want to impress them, they love a good scratch at the bottom of their neck. There is a really nice hiking route around the island and the nature along the way is stunningly beautiful. Some of the private tours which will bring you here will even cook you delicious barbecue. You can just be lazy, eat good food and enjoy the scenic beaches with your loved one.

La Digue

This is the next island that is a must visit. This is by far the most picturesque island of Seychelles. It is a great place to kick back and relax. Everyone around here travels around bicycle and we recommend you to do the same. There are plenty of beautiful beaches to explore but the most famous landmark beach is Anse Source D’Argent beach. It is the most photographic beach in the world and features incredible white sand with intriguing rock formations. You can probably get enough shots here to fill your instagram for whole month and make your trip a memorable one. The water gets deep really slowly here as well. That means you can walk far out in the ocean, step in the nature and away from the stresses of everyday life.

Praslin Island-Vallee De Mae

Apart from just relaxing you can also go and look out for adventure on Praslin Islands. It is the home to the incredible nature park, Vallee De Mae. It is UNESCO world heritage site which houses the coco de mer, the plant which grows the world’s largest seed. The plants here are huge and make you feel as if you are in Jurassic park. There are few different walking trails so you can go on a hiking trail for up to 3 hours depending upon your choice.

Anse Lazio

One of the most extraordinary beaches in Seychelles islands, the beach has to offer thick sand and the overhanging palm trees give you plenty of natural shade to just cool off and enjoy the soothing local tropical drinks. The water level here is also very nice, it is deep but not too deep so you can stand up and enjoy the nature.


scuba-diving in Seychelles is out of this world. Not only you’ll see incredible corals and tropical fish, but you are likely to see sea turtles if you dive in the right waters. We highly recommend exploring the marine life here. If you are not comfortable with diving, you can always go for snorkeling in the shallow waters.

Moyenne Islands

This is an excellent day trip where you’ll be taken out to explore the marine national park. You can relax on the catamaran and enjoy the stunning views, dive into the ocean and even go around a walk in Moyenne. It is very small but rich in nature and even has resident dog that lives on the island.

Mahe-Beau Vallon Beach

Being Seychelles Main Island, it has a lot to offer for couples who are planning to unwind themselves and enjoy the plethora of activities which are on platter. From a range of adventure sports, you can choose parasailing, jet skiing and scuba diving. You can also go for helicopter ride which will show you the jaw dropping beauty of the place. The place hosts night markets which offer local cuisine and you can experience the local culture and enjoy music beside the bonfire.

We know how stressful it becomes when you get so caught up in your work and are not able to devout time for your loved ones. Seychelles is therefore the perfect spot for rekindling romance and spending time in beauty and isolation. So hurry up, pack your bags for this heavenly getaway.

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